Tweet :: AVR/Arduino-Based Mini USB Monitor “ChibiMo”


What It Is

ChibiMo is a DIY PC monitor display that is based on popular dot matrix LCD and AVR or Arduino. The device works as a secondary (or thirdly, fourthly, ...) monitor for an Windows PC, so almost anything that shows up on a PC display will also show up on ChibiMo.

ChibiMo can be built either with a DIY hardware with an AVR microcontroller or an Arduino board. The Arduino-based model is designed to be very easy to build so that everyone who can do a little bit of soldering can build it.

»» Click here for instructions on how to build an Arduino ChibiMo. ««

YouTube Video


AVR DIY Hardware:
This model is the one that is shown in the picture on top of this page. This is a minimal hardware that can be build using components very popular among Japanese market. Its cost is as low as 3k yen, and its structure is designed so that it holds itself up without any chasis or casing.
This model uses worldwide-popular Arduino as its mainboard. The only part that needs to be built is a simple “shield” that comes between Arduino and LCD. Instructions to build this model is available here.

I also designed a special shield for Arduino ChibiMo. The shield is for sale at occasional exhibits. Please check the website top for what exhibits I bring my projects to.

Both models are functionally equal. They support multi-monitor and mirror modes. They have multiple color modes including perfect black-and-white mode and pseudo grayscale mode, which is realized by quickly switching a dot black and white.

The picture below is two ChibiMos in operation in mirror and 8-color pseudo grayscale modes.